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The newest version of WaveOrtho features the most comprehensive Treatment Card and Visual Tooth Chart available, a customizable pre-appointment questionnaire, browser-enabled workstations and a streamlined case closer and onboarding process.

Tx Card Pro

Auto-Notations, Post-Appointment Reports, the SmileScore, Quick Schemes, Next Visit Planning, and much more.

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Pre-Appointment Questionnaire

A customizable pre-appointment questionnaire lets you screen patients and their family members before they arrive for their appointment, and let you know when they've arrived.

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Browser-Enabled Workstations

Our new browser-based workstation experience allows you to manage your office from Safari, Chrome, or Edge.

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Dr. Stuart Frost

Frost Orthodontics

"Lightning fast, reliable, stable and best of all, innovating all the time."

Dr. James Paschal

Paschal Orthodontics

"Superior reporting and scheduling, amazing clinical notes and charting, awesome support... what more do you want?"

Dr. David Majeroni

Majeroni Orthodontics

"If you are deciding on a software for your office, stop looking. This is it."

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Who is WaveOrtho?

We exist to improve the lives of Orthodontists and their staff so that they can spend more time developing relationships with their patients and less time managing their businesses.

With more than 20 years of experience in Orthodontics, and an incredible development and support team, we have created the most comprehensive orthodontic practice management and growth software ever.

At WaveOrtho, we strive to make our practice management software do three things:

Save Money

WaveOrtho uses intelligent, automated marketing campaigns to manage leads, follow-up with patients, and build brand awareness to grow your practice.

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Lead Management

Quickly track and manage interested customers and convert them to patients

Follow-Up Campaigns

Automated email campaigns to keep uncommitted patients aware of your practice

Brand Awareness

Automated marketing emails during the whole treatment will effortlessly build brand recognition

Make Your Job Easier

WaveOrtho is an orthodontic practice management software that automates repetitive tasks and reduces the need for hands-on interactions between patients and staff to get you back to doing what you enjoy.

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Self Check-In

A kiosk where patients can sign-in as they arrive in your office

Automated Health History

Comprehensive and easy-to-use health history form for mobile and in-office use

Self-Appointment Scheduling

Let your patients schedule their next appointment by themselves with ease

Improve Patient Experience

WaveOrtho prioritizes patients with simplified communication and integrated website "contact us" forms to improve their overall experience.

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Automated Appointment Reminders

Automated text and email reminders allow patients to easily confirm their appointment

Two-Way Texting

Send and receive text messages with your patients all within WaveOrtho

Website Exam Scheduler

New patients can schedule an exam directly from your website

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WaveOrtho North Shore

Tx Card Pro, Automated Marketing, Web Browser support, a redesigned Case Closer and more. Learn how North Shore will help grow your practice and increase patient satisfaction.

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