Text Message Usage Summary

Check your WaveOrtho text message usage summary stats for this month and the last 3 months

Your texting number can be found in WaveOrtho -> Settings -> Text Messaging

Date Range Message Count Usage (Ratio) Average Usage Per Day
  • Your message count includes all outgoing and incoming messages, both text and photo messages (SMS & MMS)
  • Messages, both incoming and outgoing, are billed as individual message for every 160 characters used. This means that a message with 400 characters will be billed as 3 messages.
  • Your Usage count is the value used for billing
  • Usage Ratio is the average number of message units used per message sent/received. A higher number means your text messages are larger than a single message. A ratio of 2.1 means you're averaging 336 characters per message sent (160 x ratio).