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If you're looking for the WaveOrtho application to download and install on your computer, please contact our WaveOrtho customer support, it cannot be downloaded from our website.

SplashTop Server Host


Orthoease Launcher (version 9)

Windows macOS

Orthoease Launcher (version 7 and 8)

Windows macOS

Plugins (version 8)

Windows macOS

Plugins (version 7)

Windows macOS

Remote Help

Windows macOS

Firefox 15

Windows macOS



Internet Explorer 10 (Patch)




Scanner Plugin Patch


iPad Leads Collector

1. Download FileMaker Go 18 from the App Store on the iPad you want it to run on

2. Once you have installed FileMaker Go, Using Safari, download the iPad Leads Collector file here and stay in Safari until the file has downloaded

You'll see the progress of the download in the top right of the window

3. Once the file has downloaded, click on the icon in the top right to reach the downloads

4. Click on the WaveLeads file

5. In the top right, find and click on the share icon share icon box-shadow

6. In the menu that appears, select the Filemaker Go 18 app and the file should open as expected

* The iPad Leads Collector is only compatible with Waimea

Other Libraries

WaveOrtho Inquiry Form and Exam Scheduler

This is a library you can use to integrate a fully-functioning and automatic web contact and new-patient exam scheduler form into your own website.